IP Stresser tools explained


PolyStresser tools

In this article we will be breaking down the uses of various common stresser tools. We’ll be going over everything you need to know about the various tools and will be using PolyStress as an example due to it’s many tools.


  • Domain Resolver
    This one is fairly simple. To use it, simply input a domain and you will be given the IP that the domain resolves too.


  • Site Status Checker
    This uses a few different locations to test the status of a website, based on how many locations can successfully access it.


  • Geo Location
    Used to get the location of an IP address, will not give you the exact location however it will give you a general idea of where they live.


  • VPN Detector
    This tool is used to tell whether an IP is a VPN. This is a tool that is unique to PolyStress and a few others and is highly useful if your target is at home, as you’ll be able to tell if you have their real IP.


  • Skype Resolver
    Used to get an IP from a skype name. The skype resolver is sadly patched by Microsoft in newer versions, however if your target is running an older skype version it will work nearly 100% of the time.


  • Cloudflare resolver
    Used to get the backend IP from a cloudflare protected domain. This sadly works on very few domains, as they have to accept emails on their webserver in order to be vulnerable.


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